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Patent Information Centre

Patent Information Centre

A patent is one of the important Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). To facilitate Patent Search and Filing Patent Applications, the Rajiv Gandhi Science and Technology Commission has set up a Patent Information Centre (PIC) for the State of Maharashtra. This facility is supported by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, New Delhi, as a part of the national initiative to provide help to scientists, technologists, researchers, innovators, R&D establishments, entrepreneurs, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and individuals in the State who wish to protect their innovations by filing patents.

Main Functions of PIC are as follows:

  • Create awareness about IPRs and enable patent searches in Maharashtra
  • Create IPR Cells (IPCUs) in the State Universities/ Institutes
  • Conduct training programmes and capacity building in IPR related activities
  • Monitor the opportunities and developments in the area of IPR
  • Address the queries related to Patent Search
  • The instructions and Inventor Disclosure Form can be downloaded from here
    Instructions to obtain Search Report

    Contact Details

    Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission
    Government of Maharashtra
    Dr. Vrushali Kulkarni
    Address: 3rd Floor, Apeejay House, Dinshaw Vachha Road,
    Churchgate, Mumbai, 400020.
    Tel. No: 022-22024711.