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"An Innovative action plan for science & technology"

Aims & Objectives

To be an agent for change, development, and advancement through inputs of science and technology;

To function as the prime mover for stimulating horizontal interaction between the universities, research and development institutions, industries and other institutions for developing and upgrading science and technology applications;

To propagate applications through studies, an adaptation of technology, formulating projects, field demonstration, imparting necessary training, consultancy, and publications;

To provide necessary seed capital and other inputs to the identified projects;

To act as a facilitator or catalyst for transfer of technology from laboratories and other research efforts to applications on a larger scale;

To catalyze the application of innovations in line departments of the Government: for example, in the education sector to create a knowledge-based society, improving health services etc., for sustained economic progress;

To create facilities in institutions for undertaking application-related research and development in areas or disciplines where such facilities are not available or are inadequate;

The Commission may also provide limited support to relevant basic research. However, the main role of the Commission shall be to promote application-oriented research and development work and thereafter its utilization on a wider scale.