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"An Innovative action plan for science & technology"


Identify and develop innovations in technologies and formulate projects for implementation.
Undertake studies and surveys to identify the technology gaps, with special emphasis on agricultural surveys, items that affect a rural economy, artisans, cottage industries, small scale units, agro-based industries, building materials, horticulture, economic exploitation of minor minerals, marine products and other subjects with a view to creating value-added products.
Identify technologies for non-conventional sources of energy that are replicable.
Set up and supervise centers of excellence or institutes of excellence in emerging areas of science and technology or for specific purposes with a view to encouraging the creation of employment opportunities through science and technology.
Project funding, implementation, monitoring, and review.
Provide financial and other support to organizations or institutions actively involved in identification, implementation or monitoring of the projects of the Commission, which may also include funds for the creation of hardware or equipment facilities in areas or disciplines where they do not already exist or are inadequate to the requirements.
In the discharge of its functions, the Commission may make use of the facilities that are available in any of the private or government educational institutions, and research and development organizations, and work out arrangements for financial support in lieu of the services availed.
Consultancy service about technologies or expertise developed by the Commission: to government agencies, industries, voluntary agencies and other organizations in providing science and technology inputs for implementation of their schemes and programs.
Conduct training programs oriented towards technology application for the direct beneficiaries or the implementing agencies to upgrade skills and to inculcate scientific temper.
Disseminate information about the projects and other activities through publications, visual media, films, mobile exhibitions or the likes to ensure wider circulation.